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About Pak german Pharma

Pak German Pharma is manufacturing high quality homeopathic medicine since 2003 in Pakistan.The company is operational for last 16 years and produces best quality products under the international protocols and follows the rules of Homeopathic Pharmacopoeias, company has also developed in house standard operating procedures for Good manufacturing procedures. Pak German Pharma has developed their own botanical garden for the sake of Research and Development purpose and hundred of medicinal plants are planted in garden.Our company is registered with Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) and manufacture Homeopathic medicines according to the standards defined by DRAP. Homoeopathic specialists are satisfied from the quality policy of the company. we are constantly working on up-gradation of existing product to be more effective from the last version we are continuously developing more products for common and chronic diseases.

CEO Message (Pak German Pharma)

Pak German Pharma wants to be recognized as a best Homeopathic Medicines provider and to have our dedication to our patients, their families, and the healthcare community in which we serve and by providing a continuous flow of innovative new medicines domestically.

Pak German Pharma mission is to end up distinctly driving Homeopathic pharmaceutical organization in Pakistan by giving the most recent and the absolute best quality drugs to Healthcare experts while utilizing the most recent and up to the mark Technology.

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